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Painting and Kiting

As the seasons are changing things are warming up here in Montana.  Packy and I have already made several treks to Ennis Lake to kite with out kite friends.  We even logs a day or two in March, a first ever because of the extremely mild winter and spring we have been experiencing.

I have been using the extra time and warmth to work on some paintings.  I started a series of paintings inspired by Ivan Doig’s book “This House of Sky” in the fall.  I read “This House of Sky 15 years ago and reread it in September and found myself even more in league with my old literary icon, Ivan.  Read more »


A Dead Cat, no Bike Lane and a Blabbermouth in a Caddy

This is embarrassing but it took a dead cat, no bike lane, a blabber mouth on a cell phone while driving and my dog getting hit by the blabber mouth to get me out of a small blog slump.   I think I just heard you gasp when I mentioned that my dog got hit by a blabber mouth, not to worry she is fine, this is the wonder dog after all, who got punted 20 feet by a grizzly bear last summer and acted like it was just another day at the office, no squealing, no injuries and no hang ups.

I am a bit odd or eccentric when it comes to certain things; one is saving fuel.  This may sound ironic to you, as I am a kiteboarder in Montana, which equates to driving a lot and consuming a lot of fuel, but I guess I try to make up for it around town by riding my bike.  Last fall I purchased a small utility trailer for my bike so I could grocery shop and run errands via the bike.  The bigger the haul, in the trailer, the more smug and pompous I get, it is wonderful for my ego and my urge to be righteous.  Read more »