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2012 Episode 3 by Joe Irons

Here is Joes final instalment of his trilogy of Montana kitning, enjoy.


Where Have we Been Again 3: The Georgetown Lake Open (GTO)

This weekend Frances and I traveled just 2 hours down Interstate 90 to the GTO.  Cole Russell put on a wonderful event with course racing, speed and distance trials and a freestyle competition.

There are experiences or events that I experience where the sum is truly greater than the parts and this weekend was one of those happy and great take aways.  On Saturday morning I got out of bed and started organizing for the weekend at 5:00 AM.  I was hoping that Frances and I could have a 6:30 departure for Georgetown Lake and the Georgetown Open, affectingly called the GTO.  This was the final snowkite event for this season, put together by Cole Russell.  Cole has worked hard to put this event on for the past six years as he has diligently built his snowkite business, Underground Kitesports, in Phillipsburg, Montana.

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2012 Episode 2 by Joe Irons

Here is episode 2 of Joe’s 2012 triology.  Thanks Joe for another great video!  As some of you may have noticed Joe is a semi-regular contributor to this blog and he has given permision to display his work on these blog posts.




2012 Episode 1 by Joe Irons

Joe just sent me this link of the first in a video trilogy he is putting together of the 2012 kite season.  Joe has featured some of the Montana Snowkite Crew having a great time in our corner of the world.  Joe does an amazing job of editing, and self filming; see if you can spot the clips he filmed of himself or others remotely.  Thanks Joe for your contribution!


“The Search” -Trailer

This trailer for a movie shot by one of my favorite H2O photographers, John Builderback, just makes me wish i could spend a week on the Best Odyssey,  Thank you Best Odysseys  for teasing me some more!



Island Paradise by Jason Frounfelker

Here is a great video that Jason Frounfelker put together of some of the Montana crew kiting a few of the spots around “Man-tana”.  Thanks Jason for letting me post this and putting together such a great short film.

“Just another weekend of wind and little snow. Thanks for all the good vibes and I hope to follow up with many more vids.” -Frouny


F.U.N Time by Pascal Joubert

Pascal put together this beautiful video of his kite adventures this past weekend.  I always love checking out what Pascal, Wayne and the other Jackson Hole Kiters are up to they put a capital “A’ on adventure.  Thank you Pascal for giving me permission to post this!


Ole’s Story – A Video Documentary

This video was posted today on the Southwest Montana Avalanche Report.  It is an amazing story that has transpired over the past 6 days.  Worth the view for sure, it tells the story of an amazing dog.


A Glide Guide with Billy Bordy

Here is a great video from kitesites featuring many of the cool and wonderful snowkiters at the Snowkite Masters last season.  Billy gives some excellent advice.


Wyoming Kiting.

I love that the boys from Patagonia are getting turned on to snowkiting. It is such a beautiful sport and some of the things people are accomplishing with their kites is inspiring.


A Ride with Tyler Brown

Here is Tyler’s latest self edit with lots of great footage from last year, another teaser for this coming season!  Jacob Buzainis and several stops on last years North American Snowkite Tour  are featured.


This is Snowkiting (Something Stronger)

A little something to get us all excited for the winter.