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April 18, 2012

Painting and Kiting

by flykitesports

As the seasons are changing things are warming up here in Montana.  Packy and I have already made several treks to Ennis Lake to kite with out kite friends.  We even logs a day or two in March, a first ever because of the extremely mild winter and spring we have been experiencing.

I have been using the extra time and warmth to work on some paintings.  I started a series of paintings inspired by Ivan Doig’s book “This House of Sky” in the fall.  I read “This House of Sky 15 years ago and reread it in September and found myself even more in league with my old literary icon, Ivan.  I am so moved by this particular book as it seems describes my family , I am a 5th generation Montana, in country that my forbearers scraped a life out of. As read this book again I could read my relatives into unamed characters or people that touched Ivan’s life so many years ago in the picturesque corridor running between the Bridger Mountains thru  White Sulfur Springs to Grreat Falls and along the Front Range as far North as Valeir.  I was also incredibly charged up this time around as Ivan’s young life was lived in many of same regions of Montana that we visit often to kite in both teh winter and summer.  How cool is it that I can ramble along in the Vee-Dub-Youa with my family and demand pull overs for photos and sketches as we transverse some of the most beautiful areas of Montana?

With our lives being in transition and the temperature being too cool to hole up in the garage I was unable to paint December thru March but I am happily back to it.  I just completed two “winterscapes” and I am working on several more.  I am excited to use this blog format to share some of my work inspired by the long drives across Montana to kite.

This Painting is of a Mountain Range called the Centennials and a favorite kite playground called the Wave.  In the summer it is a marsh, part of an old meandering river channel before the river was damned to create a lake up stream.


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