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Housefly -Mel

Housefly, Mel, messing with her stings.

Mel grew up in Montana skiing.  She met a really handsome boy, Packy, who grew up in Hawaii surfing, they fell in love and got married.  Mel learned to surf and followed Packy all over the Western hemisphere surfing and it was fun.  When Mel and Packy had children they decided that they wanted to live in Montana so the kids would know what it felt like to be cold.

One day, a few years ago, Packy decided he was going to learn how to kite.  Mel and the kids watched with interest as many interesting and funny things happened to Packy as he learned.  Finally one day Packy talked Mel into learning too.  Even more interesting and funny things happened to Mel when she learned to kite.  Mel. told Packy that she didn’t want too many funny things to happen to their kids when they learned to kite so she keeps a close eye on Packy when he is helping the kids kite.  Even with this watchful eye funny things still happen, sorry kids.

Mel’s favorite beverage is hot chocolate.  Mel can make hot chocolate that is so rich and yummy that you would never forget it if you had some.  Mel also makes homemade marshmallows because she once read the ingredients list on the back of the store bought ones and it really scared her.

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