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Ninjafly -Ken

Ken having a nice time.

Ken is very smart, he is an environmental engineer and he knows loads of interesting stuff.  Growing up in New England Ken new he wanted to go west so he did and he now lives in Hood River, OR.  Ken’s nickname at flykitesports is the Ninja Squirrel as he is super good at lots of things and he has a lot of energy.  A long time ago Ken, who was really good at windsurfing, thought he would try to kiteboard, he tried it with water skis because that is the only thing he could find.  He liked Kiting so much he decided he needed to kite as many places as possible and he is working very hard to do this, which makes others flies buzz with admiration and jealousy.

Kens favorite thing to drink is water because he would die without it.  This summer Ken met a shaman who told him a mountain is: “the white – the pure – that from which all water flows providing life for everything”.  The shaman is really smart too. This was told to him on a radio show for NPR, that is a radio station for people who like to be smart.  Ken has also held hot Lava, pretty ninja!

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