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Painting and Kiting

As the seasons are changing things are warming up here in Montana.  Packy and I have already made several treks to Ennis Lake to kite with out kite friends.  We even logs a day or two in March, a first ever because of the extremely mild winter and spring we have been experiencing.

I have been using the extra time and warmth to work on some paintings.  I started a series of paintings inspired by Ivan Doig’s book “This House of Sky” in the fall.  I read “This House of Sky 15 years ago and reread it in September and found myself even more in league with my old literary icon, Ivan.  Read more »


Where Have we Been Again 3: The Georgetown Lake Open (GTO)

This weekend Frances and I traveled just 2 hours down Interstate 90 to the GTO.  Cole Russell put on a wonderful event with course racing, speed and distance trials and a freestyle competition.

There are experiences or events that I experience where the sum is truly greater than the parts and this weekend was one of those happy and great take aways.  On Saturday morning I got out of bed and started organizing for the weekend at 5:00 AM.  I was hoping that Frances and I could have a 6:30 departure for Georgetown Lake and the Georgetown Open, affectingly called the GTO.  This was the final snowkite event for this season, put together by Cole Russell.  Cole has worked hard to put this event on for the past six years as he has diligently built his snowkite business, Underground Kitesports, in Phillipsburg, Montana.

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El Norte 2: Updraft Thursday

Packy penned this post of the great day of kiting Thursday, enjoy!

Updraft Thursday

Winter is finally making an appearance in Southwest Montana, and when the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast the north wind or “El Norte” for the “Montaho” region, it didn’t slip by the local kite crew. Appointments were dropped and new plans were made, this was not a day to be missed. The northwest wind showed up right on time, the clouds broke, the sun came out and we were on it. Wendensday’s warmth had put a crust on the snow, and luckily the snowmobilers hadn’t rutted it up, so it was smooth and fast. Read more »


Young Girl, Big Air!

I think there comes a day, in most parents lives, when the inevitable happens, their child does something so amazing it both scares and thrills them beyond belief.  This was yesterday at Mount Haggin, MT for Packy and me.  The day started with the kids amped to kite, they got out of bed early and packed their own gear, it was amazing.  We rolled down US I-90, toward Butte, enjoying a friendly discussion on ethics, morality and politic, yes we are a bit geeky and after Rocker Packy declared we could only talk about kiting until we pulled into Haggin so the conversation went kitey, it was fun. Read more »


Another day in Paradise

It was another beautiful day in paradise.  Raynold’s Pass was blue bird, the wind was blowing and the people happy.  Here are some pictures I took of Joe and Packy, I am really enjoying my camera.  Packy took the shots of me.  I hope all of you flies have a very windy weekend. –Mel. Read more »


El Norte -Snowkiting Powder at Raynolds Pass 1/11/12

I’m feeling pretty luck today. After a super early start and a long drive to Raynold’s Pass it looked like I was in for a skunking.   There was no wind to be found, it had quit with the dawn and I had made the long trip based on what looked like solid information on the National Weather Service website. Not to be put off so easily, Joe Irons and I honed in on a north flow coming down the hill. It was not so much a wind but cold air spilling over the Continental Divide at the top of the pass.  Read more »


Dees Eesz Sheet! –What Natasha (of Boris and Natasha) the Russian Kite Instructor had to say About my Kite Skills.

My husband really wanted to learn how to kiteboard and I was pretty much clueless about this desire and the sport. In my husband’s way of thinking if I learned at the same time, well, I would understand. Understand what I am not sure, perhaps he was hoping I would understand some irrational wind chasing compulsion (irrational because we live in Montana) and the meaning of all things about him and what made his manliness tick, if I too learned to kite. Well for one thing hat’s pretty damned naive, it is my job as a 40 something woman to make him struggle for my understanding of the male cosmic forces and an ego crushing, kite lesson in gusty wind, on Kite Beach, Maui with my two children, said husband and three dear and extremely hunky male friends all watching from and uncomfortably close position wasn’t going to improve my agreeableness and amiability.

Needless to say I hung up the hat on kiting for several years, after all someone needed to watch the kids on the beach, to sprint after tumbling kites photo graph my husband and land and launch the kiting husband. Fast forward several years my husband had new motivation, like any good junkie it would serve his purposes to get me hooked too and this my friends is how my husband became the family kite pusher. As pusher he has done the job well there are for of who’s eyes glaze and twitch with withdrawals and get disagreeable if the wind doesn’t blow. In the solid tradition of all junkies I now am becoming a pusher and bring you FLYKITESPORTS.COM

Housefly (Mel.)