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February 10, 2012

KB4Girls (Kiteboarding for Girls) Schedule

by flykitesports

I am a huge fan of Kristin Boese, as no other woman has done more for promoting the sport of kiteboarding than this amazing woman and she is incredibly nice and down to earth to boot.  Kristen was the International Sailor of the Year in 2010 and is a 9-time world champion.  Besides doing all of this she also has made time to promote social charities and introduces 100’s of women to the sport of kiteboarding each year.  If you have not attended one of Kristen’s KB4girls events you really should, it is a bucket list items for all women kiteboarders, in my opinion.  Check out the schedule on the full post.

The following is a list of both the chapter events, hosted in specific location at regular intervals, I am not sure if Kristen attends theses events as her personal schedule is incredibly full:

12.02.12 KB4G Charleston SC USA 2-2012 Charleston SC/USA
12.02.12 KB4G Sunshine Coast AU 1-2012 Sunshine Coast QLD/AUS
10.03.12 KB4G Cabarete DR 3-2012 Cabarete DR
11.03.12 KB4G Charleston SC USA 3-2012 Charleston SC/USA
14.04.12 KB4G Cabarete DR 4-2012 Cabarete DR
15.04.12 KB4G Lancing UK 1-2012 Lancing/Brighton UK
15.04.12 KB4G Charleston SC USA 4-2012 Charleston SC/USA
12.05.12 KB4G Cabarete DR 5-2012 Cabarete DR
13.05.12 KB4G Lancing UK 2-2012 Lancing/Brighton UK
20.05.12 KB4G Charleston SC USA 5-2012 Charleston SC/USA
09.06.12 KB4G Cabarete DR 6-2012 Cabarete DR
10.06.12 KB4G Lancing UK 3-2012 Lancing/Brighton UK
10.06.12 KB4G Charleston SC USA 6-2012 Charleston SC/USA
14.07.12 KB4G Cabarete DR 7-2012 Cabarete DR

The following are the global events, Kristen attends these events and if you want to meet this amazing powerhouse of ability and motivation these would be the events to attend:

10.03.12 – 11.03.12 KB4girls/KITECHICKS Sydney Sydney/Australia
13.03.12 – 15.03.12 KB4girls/KTA Pranbury Thailand Pranburi/Thailand
28.04.12 – 29.04.12 KB4girls Alameda SF CA/USA San Francisco, CA/USA
15.06.12 – 17.06.12 KB4girls El Gouna/Egypt El Gouna/Egypt
27.07.12 – 29.07.12 KB4girls Lancing/UK Lancing/Brighton UK

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