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February 6, 2012

Upcoming Snowkite Events

by flykitesports

This is a reminder of some upcoming events in the snowkite community in the Northwestern US.

  •  2012 Dillon SnowKite Open, February 9th – 12th 201, Lake Dillon, Co
  • Superfly Open, Feb. 17- 19, 2012, location to be announced.
  • 9th Annual Montana Snowkite Rodeo, February 16-18, 2012, Jackson Hot Springs, MT
  • Kite Soldiers, February 23-26, 2012, Fairfield, ID
  • 5th Annual Georgetown Lake Open (GTO V), Thursday, March 1 to4, 2012, Georgetown Lake, MT

2012 Dillon SnowKite Open

February 9th – 12th 201, Lake Dillon, CO

The Dillon Snowkite Open will consist of 4 days of competition and free riding. Including a regatta style racing format, Long distance (winduro), and freestyle / free ride sessions and a demo / trainer kite day. There will be a series with 3 fleet races in a regatta format (races will be scheduled for the most consistent forecasted wind). Plus a long distance race to test the competitors’ endurance and all out speed. Leaving plenty of time just to let loose and do a little freestyle!

This Year we are doing something new for the long distance race/winduro. It will be a combined Pro/Am relay race. This is how it will work: Each amateur competitor will pick a Pro’s name out of a hat and they will then be paired for the race.

The Colorado Kite Force will also be hosting the NAST pro event the weekdays prior to this event.  Rumor has it the boys in CO are excited to show off their backcountry kiters to the group of pro kiters who are touring the western mountain states for the next month.

Superfly Open

Feb. 17- 19, 2012, location to be announced.

Strawberry reservoir has a very low snow pack this year and if the weather pattern doesn’t change the event may be moved to Skyline.

9th Annual Montana Snowkite Rodeo

February 16-18, 2012, Jackson Hot Springs, MT

The Montana Snowkite Rodeo is once again taking place on President’s Day Weekend this year, February 18-20, 2012 at Jackson Hot Springs in the Big Hole Valley.

Every year we’ve been exploring more snowkiting locations in this expansive area and making more connections with the local residents in the valley.

To book a room at Jackson Hot Springs for the event visit their website at:

Kite Soldiers

February 23-26, 2012, Fairfield, ID

Monty and Trisha, the organizers of this event always do a great job making sure fun is had by all.  Each year features a poker run with routes for all skill levels and amazing prizes.  Last year they also featured competitive course racing and freestyle events.

5th Annual Georgetown Lake Open (GTO V)

Thursday, March 1 to4, 2012, Georgetown Lake, MT

Cole Russell, Justi and the crew of Underground Kitesports are putting together a fun and friendly event that should be a great place for area snowkiters to get together an have a good time.  Cole is working hard this year putting together an amazing list of sponsors and creative events so everyone will find something to interest them.

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