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January 15, 2012


Young Girl, Big Air!

by flykitesports

I think there comes a day, in most parents lives, when the inevitable happens, their child does something so amazing it both scares and thrills them beyond belief.  This was yesterday at Mount Haggin, MT for Packy and me.  The day started with the kids amped to kite, they got out of bed early and packed their own gear, it was amazing.  We rolled down US I-90, toward Butte, enjoying a friendly discussion on ethics, morality and politic, yes we are a bit geeky and after Rocker Packy declared we could only talk about kiting until we pulled into Haggin so the conversation went kitey, it was fun.

When we arrived, the pit crew, known as Mom and Dad to our kids, went to work while the kids dressed and put on their harnesses.  We launched Frances first and then Garrett.  As we prepared our kite we watched Frances catching some baby air.  Packy waved her in and gave her some tips, a bit on a lark not knowing what was going to happen next.  Frances said: “Cool, let me see what I can do.” and kited off.

After a few boosts Frances started to get creative and was doing some old school daffies

Well we found out she sure can “do”, she instantly started going BIG, not baby big, big boy BIG.  Quickly the whole group of folks pumping up or grabbing a snack were owing and ahing at Frances’ jumps and boosts.  With every jump there was the sound effects created by the collective voice, it was awesome.

Our rock star, Frances.

It was so cool and so scary.


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  1. Cole Russell
    Jan 16 2012

    That is so awesome. Way to go Frances! Can’t wait till I am healed up and we can get out and ride together again. Great job. Keep it up.

    • Jan 16 2012

      Get better quick, we look forward to seeing you out on the snow.

  2. Jan 16 2012

    Frances is my hero.


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