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January 12, 2012


El Norte -Snowkiting Powder at Raynolds Pass 1/11/12

by flykitesports

I’m feeling pretty luck today. After a super early start and a long drive to Raynold’s Pass it looked like I was in for a skunking.   There was no wind to be found, it had quit with the dawn and I had made the long trip based on what looked like solid information on the National Weather Service website. Not to be put off so easily, Joe Irons and I honed in on a north flow coming down the hill. It was not so much a wind but cold air spilling over the Continental Divide at the top of the pass. 

This breeze was light; it couldn’t have been stronger than 10 mph, but steady. After pumping up the big kites (a 11.5m Best Kahoona and a 14m Slingshot Rally) we worked our way up hill.  It was a tedious task with countless kite loops and sagebrush encounters.

Joe's big glide

The air was flowing down hill so it took more tacks than I can even think about to get where we were needed to be. Despite the bitter cold (10’ F) we sweated our butts off to gain the high ground, but it was worth it; at the top of the pass the snow was soft, the wind light but perfect and the day beautiful. Here’ s a few shots from our session, Stoked!


-Photos and Story by Packy

-Rider Joe Irons

Happy Flying,


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  1. Jan 24 2012

    Took the kids for an ‘art on kites’ exhibition. Small stuff but they enjoyed it. Little one keeps saying ‘Mama, ‘member the elefant kite’ 🙂

    • Jan 27 2012

      That is so cute! Where is the exhibit, I would love to check it out, if possible. Where did your kids see the “elephant” kites. Kids just say the most amazing things. Thank you so much for visiting the blog, I really love hearing from people like you. Cheers, Mel.


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