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December 31, 2011

Buggy and Landkite Events 2012

by flykitesports

Our Friend Nic. O. has sent some dates for some landkite events, here is a rundown:

North American Buggy Expo or NABX

NABX Pre Event – Harper Dry Lake, CA – March 29 to April 02, 2012

NABX Main Event – Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA – April 03 to April 08, 2012

Please visit NABX for more info, direction, descriptions and itineraries for these two events.  Nic says they are amazing.

Wildwood Buggy Bash– Wildwood, NJ  – April 19 to 22, 2012.   This event is always great fun, it says so on their website!

Jekyll Island Buggy Expo or JIBE – Jekyll Island, Georgia – May 16 -19th, 2012.  Check back with Jibe these dates are not posted on their web site yet but have come to us via Nic, who is in the know.  This event looks like it would be great fun with miles and miles of white sand beach and warmer Georgia weather.

Sunset Beach, OR Buggy Blast or SOBB – This year SOBB was Sept 3 – 11, dates are not set for next year.  This event has some great YouTube posts that are great to look at. Just Google search SOBB Buggy and you will be able to get a feel for this amazing event.

Buggy Boogie Fall Thang – dates usually set in spring, previous year: Friday through Sunday – September 17th-18th & 19th. The spring version is the weekend after Memorial Day.  I am sorry there isn’t any links for this event directly but it is mentioned in some of the land board fourms.

Dead Bird Buggy Bash or DBBB–  “DBBB is a casual, no-schedule, no-races kite buggy regatta held each November over the Thanksgiving holiday in Galveston Texas. Started as an annual holiday retreat for local kite buggy riders, this growing event follows no criteria or format other than to enjoy kite buggying with friends new and old and promote kite traction in a friendly and safe environment. Buggy pilots, landborders, kitesurfers, sport kiters and traditional kite enthusiasts are all welcome. Be sure to attend the potluck dinner on the beach Thanksgiving day.”

The Powerkite Fourm is a great resource for all things landkiting.  For more information on these or any other events please visit them at:

Good luck and happy kiting.

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