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December 13, 2011


Adrenajen’s KITE POW – Things we learn along the way.

by flykitesports

POW= Pearls of Wisdom by Adrenajen

KITE POW 1: Leaky Valves
A common problem with inflateable kites is leaky valves.
Nothing is more frustrating than pumping up your kite to full pressure and then finding it is soft at the end of your session.  Or worse it falls out of the sky during your session.  Before pulling out all your bladders to look for holes, Check the valves!!!
This can be done easily by pumping up the kite and using a spray bottle with water and a little detergent to wet down around the valves.
If air is slowly leaking you will see bubbles forming around the leak.
Valve leakage is usually caused by the male plug stretching the female valve over time.
To Fix:   Place the female end in a glass of hot water to soften and then cool to resume original shape.
Also place the male end in the hot water to soften and then using a round object such as a pen/pencil, push inside the male plug to slightly stretch it.
A combination of the shrinking of the valve and stretching of the plug should solve the problem.  If not a zip tie around the valve will also work.
KITE POW TIP 1: When deflating kite at end of session release all valves. (especially inflate valve)
When valves are not in use: The less time spent together – the better.  To avoid snow or sand getting in fold velcro closer over the hole.
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  1. Dec 13 2011

    Nice post Adrenajen, I’ll be looking forward to your next POW!


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