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December 2, 2011


Dees Eesz Sheet! –What Natasha (of Boris and Natasha) the Russian Kite Instructor had to say About my Kite Skills.

by flykitesports

My husband really wanted to learn how to kiteboard and I was pretty much clueless about this desire and the sport. In my husband’s way of thinking if I learned at the same time, well, I would understand. Understand what I am not sure, perhaps he was hoping I would understand some irrational wind chasing compulsion (irrational because we live in Montana) and the meaning of all things about him and what made his manliness tick, if I too learned to kite. Well for one thing hat’s pretty damned naive, it is my job as a 40 something woman to make him struggle for my understanding of the male cosmic forces and an ego crushing, kite lesson in gusty wind, on Kite Beach, Maui with my two children, said husband and three dear and extremely hunky male friends all watching from and uncomfortably close position wasn’t going to improve my agreeableness and amiability.

Needless to say I hung up the hat on kiting for several years, after all someone needed to watch the kids on the beach, to sprint after tumbling kites photo graph my husband and land and launch the kiting husband. Fast forward several years my husband had new motivation, like any good junkie it would serve his purposes to get me hooked too and this my friends is how my husband became the family kite pusher. As pusher he has done the job well there are for of who’s eyes glaze and twitch with withdrawals and get disagreeable if the wind doesn’t blow. In the solid tradition of all junkies I now am becoming a pusher and bring you FLYKITESPORTS.COM

Housefly (Mel.)

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  1. Packy
    Dec 3 2011

    I like your first post

    • Dec 4 2011

      Oh thanks. I was so excite to get wordpress up and going I didn’t do a very good job of proofreading.


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